Choose Vero for an Eco Friendly Bottled Water Solution

Vero Water takes pride in our water purification systems as well as the fact that we have the highest quality sparking water that you won’t find in any other filtered water. It’s a bottled water that will enhance your dining, home, and/or office experience.

What’s unique about Vero Water is our Vero+ purification technology, a breakthrough in water purification that allows Vero to offer consistently great tasting water anytime, anywhere. Where other options fall short, Vero goes the extra mile to make sure your guests have a luxurious taste experience time and time again. Choosing Vero helps hotels, restaurants, and corporations reduce their carbon footprint while keeping glass and plastic waste out of landfills.

More than ¾ of glass and plastic bottles end up in landfills, creating 3 billion pounds of waste each year. Installing Vero’s eco friendly water filtration system is connected directly to your water source and is designed to seamlessly integrate Vero’s pure, natural and refreshing sparkling and still water into your establishment.

Vero Water has 4 systems that each cater to your professional needs, be they a corporate office, small cafe, 150 seat restaurant or 5 star resort.

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