Water Purifier for Hotels

At Vero Water, our hotel water filter systems will change the way your business serves water. Our hotel water system design draws on innovative tech to bottle premium still and sparkling water on site on all occasions.

Our water purifiers for hotels deliver crisp water without compromise. Sustainable, swift and profitable. Vero’s purifiers and bottles give you premium water ready to serve whenever you need it.

In little over a decade, we’ve gone from humble beginnings to working with some of the largest hotels, including Ritz Carlton and Marriot venues.

At its heart, our innovative system puts the power to produce water that is better for you, your guests, and the planet, right at the heart of your hotel.

How It Works

Hotels commonly offer bottled water throughout their premises. Whether they’re provided in-room, on the table, in the bar or at the spa. But the majority of customers rarely opt for bottled water. Why is this?

For most customers it’s the price. As expensive bottled water is rarely popular, it’s rarely profitable. 

It’s clear that this unpopular way of selling premium water needs a shake-up. That’s where our water purifiers for hotels come in.


But How Does It Work?

With our systems installed, your hotel can instantly begin producing premium bottled water.

It begins when your tap water flows into the Vero purification system. Here, it goes through our unique 5 filter set up. This removes imperfections, impurities and chemicals in the water. After this, the water is quickly chilled, ready to be dispensed into our luxury glass bottles.

Our bottles possess a luxury tabletop presence. Whether served at dinner or left in-room, guests will be drawn by the promise of our high-quality designs. With each bottle filled on site, they can be sure your water will deliver a consistent crisp taste.

But Vero’s hotel water filter systems aren’t just there to benefit your guests. Serving Vero at your establishment will unlock a world of benefits for your hotel.

How We Help You

Our hotel water filter systems allow your business to step away from the unpopular model of expensive bottled water. Because Vero water is produced on your premises, you can say goodbye to buying your bottled water from vendors. As well as this, you no longer need to store a large inventory, eliminating the risk of shrinkage.

Our system allows you to lower the price of bottled water, without compromising on quality. With a Vero system installed, your guests are much more likely to reach for bottled water in their rooms or at their tables.

With a larger opt-in rate, Vero make bottled water more profitable for hotels all over the world. But to meet the demands of so many unique venues, we offer a diverse range of systems.

Whether you need a large machine for a restaurant, or want a self-service system by the pool, Vero Water have products to suit every area of the hotel.

Get in touch with us by calling 01953 857975 or contact us online to learn more about Vero Water purifiers for hotels

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