Unmatched Taste

Our proprietary purification system, Vero+, removes impurities, chemicals and imperfections while leaving our crisp signature taste every time. At the conclusion of purification, the water is perfectly chilled and delivered still or sparkling to our signature, reusable 1-litre glass bottle in a matter of seconds.

Our VW 100 Filter uses the latest breakthrough in Nano-Filtration, this speciality filter removes bacteria, viruses and other large particles.

Our specially formulated VW 200 Filter removes particles such as dirt, rust silt and chlorine from the inbound water. Designed with heavy volume users in mind, the VW 200 filter delivers ultra purified water with a high flow through rate not attainable with standard filters.

The VW 300 Filter allows Vero Water® to create a soft, light taste by removing dissolved solids present in the source water.

Any colour and naturally occurring odours are removed with our VW 400 Filter.

Finally, Vero’s signature taste profile is created with our VW 500 Filter, which when used in conjunction with our other filters creates a consistently great taste no matter the local water source. A breakthrough in engineering, the Vero+ purification process delivers consistently great taste every time, everywhere.

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