Restaurant Water
Purification Systems

Vero Water are market leaders in the supply of premium sparkling and still water to the hospitality sector. Our innovative 5-filter, restaurant water purification systems are transforming the way the world serves water.

Our smart systems puts fresh still and sparkling water in the hands of restaurants whenever they need it. On site, and on demand, Vero Water’s system is profitable, sustainable and fast.

This pure, crisp water is offered by award winning chefs throughout the world. They include names like Gordon Ramsay, Emeril Lagasse, Mario Batali and Michael Schwartz.

Ultimately, our restaurant water purification systems create water that is better for your guests, for your restaurant, and for our planet.

How It Works

The overwhelming majority of customers choose tap water over bottled water when dining out. This is largely due to high menu prices. This low opt-in rate is one sign that this unpopular model needs changing. This is Vero Waters plan, to change the way restaurants serve premium bottled water.


But How Does It Work?

Our system gives restaurants the ability to bottle and serve water on site. Firstly, tap water flows into Vero’s restaurant water purification systems. There, it undergoes our 5-filter process to remove impurities, imperfections and chemicals. This purified water is then rapidly chilled before being dispensed into our branded glass bottles. With one of our carbonated water systems for restaurants you can have instant access to sparkling water as well.

This system delivers your guests consistently pure, consistently crisp water. Meanwhile, our reusable glass bottles are a luxury tabletop presence. By eliminating the need for disposable bottles and large supply chains, our system helps reduce your carbon footprint.

But what is in it for your restaurant? As well as delighted customers and a more sustainable image, there are all kinds of ways Vero helps.

How We Help You

Vero Water can increase revenues by shifting away from the unpopular model of expensive bottled water and its low opt-in rate. Our system also reduces costs, eliminating the need to stock up on bottled water from a vendor. This eliminates the risk of inventory shrinkage, frees up storage space, and ensures you always have your own premium water to hand.

Vero Water offer an innovative approach to serving tap water in restaurants. To match this, we offer a flexible range of systems that can be tailored to meet the needs of restaurants across the world. From small machines for bistros, to our largest machines for the biggest restaurants, Vero strive to make their innovative system work for every kind of business.

A great taste, quick and easy use, and high capacity make Vero Water the best choice for restaurants. Reach out to us by calling 01953 857975 or contact us online to learn more about the ways Vero Water can make a difference in your restaurant.

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