Vero Water for Spas

At Vero Water, our water purification systems make it easier than ever for spas and health clubs to produce healthy bottled water on-site. Our combination of innovative tech, and even more innovative thinking is changing the way spas serve luxury water.

With our water filter system in place, you can create cleaner, healthier, crisp water whenever you need it, without compromise.

Our healthy bottled water has won over all kinds of clients in all kinds of sectors. From hotels and stately homes to world famous restaurants, our luxury water solution is making a strong impression.

From the filter to the first sip, we’re helping spas do water differently, serving up water that’s better for your guests, our environment, and you.

How It Works

At spas and health centres guests expect regular access to healthy, pure water. But keeping up with demand whilst still offering a luxury product can be difficult. If gyms and fitness activities are available, then this demand will only be higher.

Keeping up with customers’ thirsts can mean swelling inventories, or more customers opting for tap water. With the cost to the ecosystem and the financial cost for bottled water, it’s clear that the way the world serves healthy bottled water needs a rethink.

This is where our water purification systems for spas can help.


But How Does It Work?

With a Vero system fitted, your tap water flows straight into our system. There, it undergoes our 5 filter system. Impurities, imperfections and chemicals are removed. After this, the water is quickly chilled, and can also be carbonated. Finally, you just have to dispense this luxury water into one of our reusable glass bottles.

Our system allows you to produce and serve premium water on-site. Refills are quick and easy, and guests can take our durable sports bottles anywhere. Whether you’re serving a glass at breakfast, or letting your guests fill their own bottle, Vero Water keeps up with demand without sacrificing on taste.

How We Help You

Of course, it’s not just your guests that win with Vero. By producing your water on-site, you remove the need for large inventories. Keeping up with demand becomes much cheaper. As well as cutting down on costs, you also cut down on your carbon footprint. You can say goodbye to plastic bottles and shipping.

By reducing the cost of bottled water, and making refills simpler, we increase the likelihood that guests will opt-in for healthy, premium water. At spas and fitness centres guests expect the very best for their health: Vero Water helps you deliver.

We offer a range of machines and products to suit all kinds of environments. Whether you need a large machine behind the scenes, a tower for the bar, or a self-service unit, Vero provide all kinds of ways to put premium water in your patrons’ hands.

Reach out to us by calling 01953 857975 or contact us online to learn more about the ways Vero Water can help your spas or fitness centre serve premium bottled water.

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