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Gaylord Hotels

Gaylord Hotels

Location: Orlando, FL; Nashville, TN; Washington D.C.


Part of the Marriott International family of hotels and resorts, Gaylord Hotels is known for its “Everything in one place” concept, blending magnificent settings, luxurious rooms and world-class entertainment all under one roof. With every offering immense convention, meeting and event spaces, Gaylord Hotels proudly serves great tasting Vero Water as their premium bottled water option. Switching to Vero has helped the resorts drastically reduce their carbon footprint and waste generation, and helped them land “green” meetings. With Vero’s unique fixed pricing structure, Gaylord can offer Vero Water as an affordable upsell opportunity or offering complimentary Vero Water service as an enticing way to win competitive bids.

Learn more about Gaylord Hotels on their website and for more information about offering Vero Water to your guests, click here

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