Hinoki & the Bird

Hinoki & the Bird

Location: Los Angeles, CA


A modern, Pan-Asian restaurant in Century City, Hinoki and the Bird has opened to wide acclaim and national recognition. Headed by Chef David Myers and Executive Chef Kuniko Yagi, this LA hotspot offers a wide variety of tastes and smells, expertly prepared with attention paid to even the finest of details. Hinoki is an aromatic Japanese cedar wood whose unique smell permeats the restaurant through either the decor or in the signature dishes.

Offers Vero Water to their guests for $2 per person.

Of Note: Hinoki and the Bird was names to Esquire Magazines 2013 Best New Restaurants, one of 3 restaurants on the list offering Vero Water.

Learn more about Hinoki & the Bird on their website and for more information about offering Vero Water to your guests, click here

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