Imported Bottled Water: Bad for the Environment and Bad for Business

Here’s a shocking statistic — 162g of oil and 7 litres of water are used in the manufacture of only one litre plastic bottle and 100g of carbon dioxide (CO2) is created, a major cause of global warming.*

Even with the progress we’ve made towards going green, nearly 35% plastic bottles in household waste streams are now collected for recycling. This means the majority of used water bottles are sent to landfill. A small number will be incinerated with some energy being recovered. However, the majority of bottles end up being discarded and can be found in hedgerows, parks, streams and rivers – creating environmental and unsightly pollution. Via rivers they can be transported to the open seas.*

By using Vero Water’s purified bottled water systems, you can help reduce your carbon footprint. This is because we use a sustainable, reusable bottling solution — so no more disposable water bottles entering landfill or the environment!

How about the negative impact of imported bottled water on business?
In recent years, people have become increasingly conscious of not only their own carbon footprint, but the carbon footprint of the places they visit, the pubs, bars and hotels where they like to eat, drink and stay. People are voting with their feet and choosing hospitality venues that are as eco-friendly as they are.

Vero Water’s bottled water systems are a perfect addition to eco-friendly initiatives. Going green can increase revenue too as reusable bottles help reduce stock, transport and delivery fees are non-existent, fridge space is freed up and waste is kept to a minimum.

When you join the Vero Water family, you will receive an ample supply of our stylish Vero Still and Vero Sparkling one-litre bottles with the system, which are attractive enough to grace any table in the finest hotels and restaurants.

They have been specially designed for reuse and simple cleaning and are durable enough to withstand daily washing in industrial dishwashers.

We also offer a specially designed, machine-washable plastic bottle for outdoor service. These eco-friendly water bottles are arguably the best on the market, so not only are they good for the environment, they’re good for business too.

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*Stats from University of Nottingham

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